Summer School & Winter Class

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Xi’an International Studies University

Summer School---Chinese Language Study

2017   7.17~8.11


Xi’an is the oldest capital in China;

Xi’an is the cradle of Chinese historic civilization;

Xi’an is the is the starting point of the Silk Route;

Xi’an is the best-preserved historic site in China;

Terracotta Warriors in Xi’an is one of the eight wonders of the world;

Gourmet Street in Xi’an is a paradise of local snacks;


Xi’an International Studies University:


Xi’an International Studies University is one of the earliest four foreign institutions of higher learning in northwest China.

Xi’an International Studies University is the only government-run institution of higher learning that offers foreign languages study to international students.


School of Chinese Studies:


School of Chinese Studies has teachers with high academic standards and breadth of experience, who have made contributions to Chinese language study, international communication, and other fields.

School of Chinese Studies is the only authorized HSK & HSKK site in northwest China.

School of Chinese Studies offers credit certification.



6 credits, 80 hours;



Chinese Courses: Intensive Reading, Speaking Chinese;

Chinese Cultural Activities: Calligraphy, Traditional Chinese Painting, Brush Making, Performance of Xun, Shaanxi History Museum, Great Goose Pagoda Square, Xingshan Temple


1st class    Tai Chi   8:20-8:50 (Tuesdays and Thursday)

2nd class   Chinese   9:00 -10:20 (Monday to Friday)

3rd class   Chinese   10:40 -12:00 (Monday to Friday)


Chinese Cultural Activities

Students are allowed to attend a diagnostic test after finishing the courses, and those who have past the exams would be honored with according credits.


Elementary: New Concept , Developing Chinese--Elementary Speaking Course Ⅰ

Intermediate: New Concept Ⅱ, Developing Chinese--Elementary Speaking Course Ⅱ

Advanced: New Concept Ⅲ, Developing Chinese--Intermediate Speaking Course Ⅰ



Application Form

Copy of the first page of passport



Registration: 350RMB;

Tuition: 3000RMB (Including Chinese Cultural Activities);

Textbook: Free

Field Trips: Varies from the different customized programs (Field trips start with minimum of 10 students.)

Visiting Cites: Terra-cotta Army Museum, Huaqing Palace Heritage Park, Qianling Mausoleum & Princess Yongtai’s Tomb, Yuan Village, Han Yang Ling Mausoleum, Guanzhong Folk Arts MuseumHuxian Farmers’ Painting.

We offer excellent Chinese learning and cultural experiences! 


ACCOMMODATION (Summer School & Winter Class)


 XISU Experts Building

Double Room   300RMB/Day

(Bathroom; air-con; phone and television; free Internet access)


XISU Hotel

Double Room   180RMB/Day

(Bathroom; air-con; phone and television; free Internet access)

Winter Class Chinese Language Study

2018 1.3-1.17



3 credits, 40 hours;



The curriculum of winter class is the same as that of summer class (for 2 weeks).

Chinese class begins at 9:00am and ends at 12:00pm from Monday to Friday.

Tai Chi class is once a week from 8:20-8:50am. 

Calligraphy and Painting classes are once a week.





Application Form

Copy of the first page of passport



Registration: 350RMB

Tuition: 2000RMB ( Including Calligraphy and Traditional Chinese Painting)

Textbook: Free


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Zip code: 710061

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